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  2014-12-23 13:34:21 UTC #1

Smart Time Check is an innovative cloud based time check and access control systems, designed for small, midsize and big businesses. 

Key features:

-          User friendly interface and easy to use;

-          Multi access authentication options (barcode reader, password authentication);

-          Terminals with built-in message board;

-          Multilingual interface (English, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian);

-          Different date and time formats support;

-          Support of all world time zones;

-          Single employee/visitor activity tracking;

-          Unlimited departments and positions (Separate and segment employees/visitors the way you like);

-          Extended and flexible reporting system;

-          Export to CVS and Excel;

-          Possibility for specifying time limited access per employee/visitor.

-          And many more… 


-          Centralized solution for time and access control for geo decentralized company offices and branches;

-          Cross browser compatible (support of all major browsers Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Opera);

-          Platform independent (Linux, Windows, MAC);

-          Device independent (iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android);

-          Wide range of barcode readers support;

-          No cost updates to any future versions;

-          Excellent support and knowledge database;