Software products - SNB Spa and Salon - Update 1.2.0
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Dan Asael
  2016-02-12 17:45:23 UTC #1

Problems solved

-When exchange rate was updated, the daily agenda info was lost.

-Fixed a bug in newsletter with select all option.

-Fixed a bug about user when access level was updated.

-Fixed a bug that was throw when the new styles was created and there isn't exist in users. 

New functions

-SSL/TLS in email server configuration was added.

-Added Web API for online reservations and integration with other applications.

-Unsubscribe newsletter on mails was added.

-Using SNB servers or other was added.

-Exchange rate report added.

-Confirm appointment through email or “view appointments” added.

-Access level control and configuration module added.


-Appointments schedule optimization.

-Optimization in settings about error messages.

-New messages when there isn’t records on certain menus (Edit provider, edit products, edit customers, etc.).

-Validation on customer name field now only accepts alphabetic characters.

-CSS, JavaScript and HTML optimization.

-Web API documentation added.

-2 new styles added for all users.

-Video tutorials and documentation updated.

-Language resources optimization.