Software products - SNB Spa and Salon - Update 1.3.0
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  2017-02-07 17:46:53 UTC #1

Problems solved

- Validation of server ports in settings;

- Fixed automatic redundancy of prices in packages and treatments when editing appointment;

- Optimization;

New functions

- Gender "other" is added;

- Automated daily exchange rate update is added where the day before exchange rate is applied (new setting for overriding this behavior is added);

- Default commission for treatment is added;

- New menu "View my commissions" is added for each therapist/stylist;

- New option for bulk update of all commissions percentage to any of the therapists/stylists available;

- Russian language added and ruble currency;

- Defferent payment types added, plus new menu settings for the default payment type;

- User activity report added;

- Appointment modification report added;

- Newsletter history report added;

- Now you can see availability in table form view;

- New permission added for editing past appointments;

- Default view setting added for the reports where you can pick between table and graphics view;

- Notes are shown for "Customers - History", "Appointments - View", "Appointments - Edit" and reports;


- Optimized add threatment to user;

- Currencies moved to menu "Payment types";

- In edit user is added new option to update commissions for exsisting appointments;

- Differencial back added;

- The selection date rage in appointments history now allows to select the same day;

- The aniversary and birthday reminder and the current time clock positions are changed;

- Visual optimizations;

- When default currency changed the user is alerted now;

- Users notice added during system update, allowing every user to save his/hers current unsaved jobs and leave the system before update;

- Optimization for Safari browser in iOS and MAC OS;