Software products - SNB Spa and Salon - Update 1.4.0
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  2017-02-07 18:01:50 UTC #1

Problems solved

- Problem fixed with the correct calculation of totals when threatment is added during editing reservation, as well the threatment were not saved if certain combination of movements was executed;

- Bug fixed in which the stylist/therapist day off was not considered during adding new appointment or editing existing one;

- Validation error fixed during registration of customer his/hers room number was not saved;

- Bug fixed at the moment of assigning customer and canceling online reservation;

- Descripancy fixed where existed the possibility during editing reservation to duplicate reservation hours;

New functions

- E-mail address was added during auto complete for easier and more user friendly interaction, as well if the customer is not found during search new option to auto register new customer is added;

- New function is added to set expiration time laps on package (example: christmas promotion valid from 10th until the 20th);

- New access permission added which limits editing appointments out of promotion scope for given package (if disabled the permission the modification is enabled if the desired date is into the promotion scope);

- Interface modified on the form which tolerances are shown;

- Tolerance is shown in the daily appointments;

- New appointment is the default landing page on session start instead of new customer;


- Compatibility problem fixed with Google Chrome in which the name of the customer was not shown in popup window;

- Imporved information validation in edit appointment;

- Autocomplete added in edit therapist/stylist;

- Optimized performance in new appointment and edit appointment;