Software products - SNB Spa and Salon - Update 1.5.0
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  2017-03-30 03:08:30 UTC #1

Problems solved

- Fixed data format validation in appointments;

- Minor bug fixes;

New functions

- Added option to receive service quality feedback from customers;

- Added report showing the quality feedback results;

- Added option to set quality survey expiration time;

- Added options to type the dates in all dates fields without the need to select them from the calendars;

- Added tabindex and keyboard shortcuts so the software can be used only with keyboard;

- Added option to edit the design of the survey email template in settings;

- Added new report which lets you see the overall services evaluation for selected period of time;

- Added new setting for auto sending of the quality survey;

- New option to set time for editing past reservations;

- Added total selected email addresses counter in "Newsletter";

- Added date selection option in "Newsletter" which helps to optimize the total of emails sent daily;

- Added additional setting in the configuration section of emails, where you can specify your App ID for your additional email packages in case you are using the option to send emails over SNB Solutions servers;


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