Software products - SNB Spa and Salon - Update 1.6.0
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  2017-07-26 17:09:46 UTC #1

Problems solved

- Fixed database failover check and option for support unlimited number of SQL failover servers;

- Fixed exception related with the notice on expiration and users' time conversion;

- Fixed incorrect parsing of ID during search in History, which was rising exception;

- Added EUR currency in backup export file, which previously was missing;

- Fixed calls to non existing javascript functions in edit commissions;

- Fixed exception in view appointment related with search without specifying dates;

- Fixed multiple date time conversion exceptions in view appointment;

- Bug fix while saving user defined payment method;

- Fixed non existing database references calls in reports;

New functions

- Added content delivery network (CDN) for static application resources (image files, style sheet files and javascript files);

- Added bulgarian and russian language support in general error page and optimized waiting time to 30 seconds;

- Added default button and default focus on login page and password recovery page;

- Changed default application language and settings to english United States;

- Optimized connection test timeout to the partners API in new treatment, new package, edit package and edit treatment;

- Optimized table width when long descriptions and names are visualized in edit package;

- Optimized table width when long descriptions and names are visualized in view appointments;


- Optimized application local security settings and policies;

- Removed unused functionality from the application (Products, Edit Products, Documentation);

- Optimized AJAX framework;

- Updated .NET framework to version 4.6.1;

- Removed application error logging functionality to physical hard drive location;

- Removed unnecessary application settings key;

- Removed logging of failed users' login attempts;

- Optimized alert messages in bulgarian and russian language;

- Optimized backup performance;